Eco Initiatives

Recycled Fabrics

Our recycled fabrics are made from used materials. These fabrics keep all their effectiveness to keep you warm and dry while being durable and abrasion resistant.


Most DWR treatments and their by-products are toxic. The PFCs (perfluorinated chemicals) they contain can affect both the wearer of the garment and the environment during washing. All our garments use a C0 ECO DWR which is free from harmful chemicals, so you can enjoy your gear with peace of mind.


Reflecting Canadian design elements of simplicity, durability and functionality, we create products of a contemporary yet timeless appeal with excellence in fabrication and love of detail. We firmly believe that producing durable clothing is the first step towards more sustainable production.


We are proud to say that over 25% of our clothes are delivered to your door bagless by rolling the clothes on themselves. Our goal is to eliminate more bags every year and reach 100% in the next few years.


The perfect alternative to plastic shipping bags is here, and it's fully compostable. Our 100% compostable mail, which is made up of plant materials such as regular field corn and wheat straw, is a big step towards sustainable packaging and can be easily composted at home.