Sofia Tchernetsky

With Orage since: Winter 2015 Winter Home: Whistler Blackcomb, BC

Jacket: Minya Jacket Pants: Tasara Pants Misc: Kalin Toque

What is your favourite place to ski and why?

Blackcomb Terrain Park. To me it's like a winter wonderland! It inspires me to learn something everyday on its very many features!

What is your dream place to ski and why?

Japan. I've always dreamed of exploring the culture with my mom and exploring the amazing mountains! Also Kamchatka peninsula in Russia, it will be very rad to ski on the slopes of active volcanoes ! Actually Kamchatka and Japan are in the same Pacific Ring of Fire.

What kind of skier are you?

I'm a girl. I'm 12. I'am dare angel.

What has been your greatest accomplishment as a skier?

To date, Cork 720.

Who has inspired you the most while growing up?

My Mom because she has always taught and inspired me to live to my highest potential.

What does your typical day consist of?

I don't have "typical" days :) I can be on the road, or flying, or skiing, in school, and sometimes I have lazy days, watch movies and hang out with my mom and friends. But no matter where I am, a few things I never miss : Goal setting. To do list. Stretches, squats push ups, sit ups. Snap chatting. And lots of yummy food!

How do you stay busy during summer?

Lots of glacier training and water ramps, and trampoline. But outside of skiing I'm also a performer! I model , sing and act and the summer season is the best time to let my artistic side unleashed!

When are you most satisfied when skiing?

When I put my mind to something, the motivation drives me to conquer it! And I do! Then I feel proud of myself. Repeat!

Is there a rule that you live by?

Go Big or go Home. Also: 50% of something is better than 100% of nothing, it helps to seize the moment no matter what! And this often turns into an opportunity. My mom taught me to never say I can't do something. Instead I say, I can't do something YET. Makes a big difference

What is the biggest obstacle you face in life?

My biggest challenge in skiing is my petite frame and weight. I'm in a constant search of some sort of "Sofia factor" that would help me to defy gravity, be super flexible and turn my small weight into an advantage. And if you are about to offer me to eat more hamburgers I can tell you - I love my food!

What do you see in Orage that reflects who you are as a person?

It just occurred to me that I have been wearing Orage since my first 180's, not even knowing what it was. Then I did my first front and backflips wearing Orage. My first cork 7 looked not to bad in Orage either :)

So I am looking forward to be wearing Orage when I stomp my first triple!

What is your favourite piece of Orage gear?

Everything! But... my Minya jacket is a winner, Its so warm and cozy hugging me in cold days, and when I got soaked from rain in Whistler Blackcomb, I was working it will lose its original shape, but it dried quickly dried and looked like new. That jacket has a stamina, like me! ! And did I mentioned, it looks good on me too?

What are you up to this season?

I'm up for an amazing journey equipped stronger mental tools and steazier tricks under my belt... ready to stomp, ready to compete! And I can't wait to meet all the wonderful people along the way - always the best part of every ski season!