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Glade skier from Sutton

Louis Charles has developed his own particular style. After spending a few years in Whistler, it is now in the Chic-Chocs that he spends most of his time skiing. Professional cinematographer, Louis Charles specializes in documenting challenging environments and always aims to take his work one step further. Naturally curious, it is always with a peculiar interest that he approaches all his ski trips. Japan, Nepal, New Zealand, Switzerland, the Middle East, etc. While travelling across the world, Louis Charles soaks up the mountain culture whether it’s on his skis or simply on foot. His passion for skiing even led him to explore one of the largest artificial ski centres in the world, the one in Dubai.


➫  Home Mountain: Sutton, Qc

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His Essentials


«Difficult to find a jacket better than the Spire. Light, stylish, functional and very well thought»



"  I wear these pants all the time whether I am skiing in a resort or during my backcountry outings. It’s now a reflex to put them on; I don’t know what I would do without them. Gone are the days of sagging base layers; there is down where necessary and they are well-adjusted at boot level. Here is a little secret, I also wear this intermediate layer when I’m not skiing, even in the city  "  - LC