Max Letendre

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Always been passionate about skiing

Maxime moved to the region of Quebec City to find a job on the mountain. After spending 3 years with the ski patrol at Mont-Sainte-Anne, he eventually changed to work at the Massif in Charlevoix. It has now been 5 years and since he started there, he never missed a single day of fresh powder! Maxime loves to travel and explore new mountains. Whether it’s in Italy, Yukon or in Gaspésie, he is always on the lookout for fresh powder. During winter, his life is all about skiing, but when summer comes, it’s mountain bike that takes up all of his time.


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His essentials


«An insulated jacket that does exactly what I need it to: keep me warm while allowing the moisture to be evacuated»


Douglas Base Layer

"  This base layer is great, because I can wear the hoodie under my helmet when the temperature drops. "  - Max