by Orage •

Dermizax® is a top-tier waterproof, windproof, and wicking membrane. Both rugged and comfortable in the harshest of winter weather conditions, it is also an ideal membrane for the mild climates. Whether you are riding in BC, where the temperature is more chilly, or riding in the East, where the climate is colder, this membrane is perfectly efficient and offers the best versatility.


Whether you are taking it easy or charging hard, our breathable Dermizax® membrane will wick moisture away due to your sweat. A breathable membrane is a must to avoid quick wetout inside your layers caused by your own physical effort.


One of the best features of Dermizax® fabrics is how it feels. The stretchable laminate and the fabric’s elasticity give it a light and flexible feel, even when it’s icily cold outside! This means a fabric that is more comfortable, durable and that allows more mobitlity and freedom.


Having a suitable water resistant ski jacket can mean the difference between a successfull powder day and a drippy walk back to the car. Dermizax® offers exceptionally high water resistance and protection snow on the outside with the ability to let moisture out.


Having just the right amount of wind resistance is key to reduce sweating, noisy fabrics and still offer enough protection to block wind’s chilling effect.


Dermizax® has no toxic chemicals, such as PFC (perfluorochemicals) used in the most popular membranes on the market. At Orage, we believe that the problems we face on the climate crisis are fundamental and if we need to change our materials, we do it. For the love of our winters.