by Orage •

Orage is proud to announce the launch of a new brand logo! Using a completely new mark, a clean and sophisticated look, the logo better reflects who we are today as we head toward our 30th anniversary this September.

Why change it? Firstly, it’s not change for the sake of change. Brands evolve over time and when they do a brand redesign might become necessary. We’ve evolved so much over the last few years and we felt it was time to mark the new era of Orage.

The new logo better communicates what we stood for at the beginning and what we stand for today. Born from a passion for skiing and a love of the mountains, we’ve always blurred the lines between technical outerwear and street fashion. The logo needed to represent that unique positioning, our playground, and had to look technical. It tells the story of our playground, where we draw our inspiration. It showcases the protection that our products offer in that environment, while displaying our unique positioning in the ski world.

«We’ve evolved so much over the last few years and we felt it was time to mark the new era of Orage»

The old logo had so many different elements which limited the possibilities in terms of creativity and design. By simplifying the logo we have improved not only its reading and the recognition of the brand but also its versatility. This allows us greater creative latitude in product and marketing. Through its clean and minimal signature the logo is a reflection of Orage’s creative vision.

Orage creates premium products that allow you to live your passion and express yourself as an individual. Day in and day out, in the mountains or on the streets, our products are a nod to what makes you unique, a testament to your love for creativity and an extension of your personality.