Gilltek™ The Breathable Puffer

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What is Gilltek technology

Paired with the Primaloft Thermoplume synthetic insulation, Gilltek consists of mesh vents designed to let excess heat out. This design combines incredible breathability and moisture management. Delivers warmth on colder days at the resort and releases heat.

Where did the idea for Gilltek come from

Our ambassador, Mason Mashon, needed a layering piece adapted to his lifestyle as a rider, photographer and outdoorsman. It needed to be comfortable and breathable for times when he’s riding, but also warm for times when he’s shooting photos, fishing or just standing still in frigid temps. In short, the piece needed to be versatile to maintain control of his body temperature. That foundation, along with inspiration taken from his indigenous Cree ancestry and passion for fishing, sparked the idea of a jacket that could breathe like fish gills.


Born cold and born out of innovation. Utilizing Gilltek technology, this puffy jacket combines warmth with breathability in a lightweight package. When you're still, the “Gills” lay flat and provide a comfortable insulating layer, yet, when you're moving, the heat can dissipate through the mesh to prevent overheating while you're beating the mountain.

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Born cold - and to layer. We built the Phoenix Layering piece as a compromise between our love of lightweight but toasty Primaloft® Thermoplume insulation and ergonomically designed stretch panels. Two zippered front pockets provide ample storage options for your on and off-hill essentials

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